Once an Etsy seller has reached success, sometimes they lose focus and become lax in the creative department. Their products are selling so why change anything? Because nothing stays the same. Trends and fads are constantly evolving. Customers’ interests reflect these changes and if your products are not doing the same, your shop will be losing the opportunity to gain new customers.

1. Your customers are telling you what to make.

You’ve probably been asked by your customers if you sell your products with so-and-so details or if you send a certain item related to your product. Take inspiration from your customers by fulfilling those requests and creating new products. Even better, once you’ve created them, tag those customers and let them know you’ve added them to your shop. These are already guaranteed customers because you know they have the demand and now you have the supply.

2. Utilize your social media as a focus group.

If you have an active following on your social media channels, use them to float your new ideas. You can create polls, plan giveaways, and gauge reactions to possible new additions by analyzing engagement metrics such as likes and comments. You might even get ideas on how to improve on your new product line. This is a great way to gather data on what works and what doesn’t before you invest in supplies and time creating the products.

3. Take inspiration from your best sellers.

Make a list of all your best sellers or the ones that receive the most favorites. Then try and come up with related product ideas. From this new list, filter out the ones that don’t suit your skillset and keep the ones that are interesting to you. Send out a promotional message to all or a significant portion of the people who’ve bought and reviewed the products and let them know about the new products and how it would be a great addition to the product they’ve previously ordered.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is important for any business because if one product’s sales start decreasing, you’ll have other products to buffer the lost revenue while you figure out why your product is not selling anymore. By expanding into new avenues, you’ll also be able to reach new customers that might buy your other products.