Do you sell Print On Demand merch?  If you do, you’ll want to read this!  We’re going to walk through the 5 products every POD Etsy store must offer in 2021.  Most people that get into POD are looking for a smarter, not harder approach to making income.  So finding ways that we can become more efficient and create additional revenue without reinventing the wheel is key!

The first step to a great POD seller is having great designs within a well researched niche.  Maybe you come up with the designs yourself or you have someone design them for you – it doesn’t matter!  After you have a great selection of designs – it’s time to choose the products that you want to offer them on! 

You’ve already done the hard work in actually creating your designs so now we want to maximize our efforts by creating different products for your designs, not just t-shirts.  This is important because it will spread your reach across Etsy.  Not just by multiplying your listings with little effort, but by capturing the customers that are searching by category for particular products.  Some customers will find you and your items by searching for relevant keywords related to your design.  What about the other shoppers that are just looking for coffee mugs and aren’t sure what kind of design they’re going to resonate with yet?  We want to capture those shoppers too!

T-shirts are the obvious choice for POD sellers – so lets explore some other categories to expand your product offering!  Here are the 5 products (in addition to apparel) that every POD Etsy store should be offering in 2021:

  1. Tumblers – People are becoming increasingly concerned for the environment and ditching single use plastics.  That means they’re looking for unique solutions to stay hydrated without buying a 24 pack of H20 from their local Costco.  Offering your designs on tumblers is a great way to meet that demand!
  1. Mugs – Coffee mugs make great gifts and Etsy is a gift buyers’ ideal destination!
  1. Tote Bags – Who doesn’t love a good tote!?  They’re great for gifting and offer purposeful utility. 
  1. Decals – The perfect solution for the decor commitment phobe!  Great for dorms and renters too!
  1. Canvas Prints – If you’re trying to decorate an adult space – you don’t really want to hang posters on your walls.  Offering canvas prints is an upscale alternative that many buyers are looking for!

You already have the designs made – why wouldn’t you want to capture the markets looking in these other categories too!?  Maximize your reach and expand your product offering by adding these products to your inventory lineup in 2021.  Maybe you’ll be surprised by what becomes your next best seller!