It’s an argument I hear constantly about some of the biggest and most competitive niches in POD: “There are no original ideas left.”

This remains a shortsighted falsehood that continues to curtail new energy and innovation in major niches that require exactly that.

The education niche is loaded with such opportunities. And on the eve of back-to-school shopping, I want to share one tshirt messaging idea that you might be shocked to find is lacking a saturated presence on Amazon.

Every year in late summer, Amazon is flooded with waves of fresh back-to-school tees for students and teachers that all feature predictable school-related images and messages. Sadly, most of these themes won’t stand out against such a competitive backdrop. And, as a result, the majority also won’t sell.

I approach the education niche the same way I approach every other major niche. I tackle it by first researching what audiences within that niche are hungry for, searching for, and needing more of in a clear and compelling way.

The data is clear. People — principally parents and educators — are searching sites for content pertinent to the upcoming school year. In particular, they are searching for resources, materials, apparel, and novelty products relating to certain important aspects or milestones of the educational experience, like the first day of school, 100 days of school, graduation, etc.

There’s another critical part of the early education experience, however, that is almost totally neglected in the POD space. I’m talking about reading — specifically, students learning to read, educators teaching students to read, and parents with kids who are starting to read.

With all of the cute kindergarten and first grade tees on Amazon today, it’s a bit stunning that I can’t find a single kids tshirt that reads: “I’m Learning to Read.”

The messaging opportunities in this space are truly vast and valuable. Here are a few suggestions off the top of my head (just for illustration and not checked for compliance):

  • This Cool 5 Year Old is Learning to Read (a tee for kindergartners)
  • My Kid is Learning to Read… Guess I Can’t Spell Bad Words Around the House Any More (a tee for parents with a youngster in kindergarten or first grade )
  • I Teach Little Monsters How to Read (a Halloween tee for teachers)
  • Mom is Teaching Me How to Read… Then She’s Gonna Teach Dad (a funny homeschooling tee)

“Learning to read” represents a niche messaging opportunity that can be modified and molded to suit multiple needs and audiences within the broad education niche.

With strong appeal and relatability to millions of people, this idea should be on the radar of Merch By Amazon and POD creators everywhere today as we head into a brand new school year.

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