Millions of people around the world — yes, millions — are trying to prove the existence of extraterrestrials or paranormal entities.

To a smaller extent, some are trying to disprove it. But the biggest audience here is comprised of folks on fact-gathering missions.

Did you know that ghost hunting and alien conspiracy TV shows are among the highest rated and most frequently streamed across all cable television and internet platforms?

Did you know that a lot of people admit to taking notes and documenting comparisons to their own experiences while watching these shows?

Did you know that alien/supernatural content represents one of the most popular and prolific niches for fiction and non-fiction writers? From manufactured stories to personal experiences recounted, writing about things we don’t fully understand but often feel a connection to is only increasing as time passes.

KDPers may be wise to create resources for individuals who:

  • Are trying to develop their psychic or telepathic talents (this micro-niche is growing fast)
  • Hear or see unexplained things in certain places or environments and wish to document experiences
  • Dream about encounters with unexplained entities and experiences
  • Investigate haunted locations or communities and wish to document findings or facts about properties and people
  • Interview fellow alien hunters
  • Monitor government documents and reports as they become released discovered, or unclassified
  • Believe in coverups and want to document evidence or compile questions
  • Write blogs or contribute to podcasts on related subjects and want to keep a running log of ideas to discuss or explore
  • Sketch or draw alien and paranormal beings

The ideas described above are just the most obvious opportunities to me. As you dig deeper into this niche, you will undoubtedly find other subtle but significant ways to approach audiences who are passionate believers in otherworldly matters.