The POD pendulum swings both ways with equal gusto toward self-deprecation and arrogance. But sometimes, the line is blurred between the two. Put differently, niche audiences have demonstrated a fondness and appetite for tshirt and product messages that make them sound like experts at something for which expertise is not needed.

In the course of daily dialog, for instance, people will often refer to “mastering” something in a lighthearted and jovial manner. Consider such examples as (not checked for compliance):

  • Napping is a Skill That I’ve Mastered.
  • I Have Mastered The Art of Mowing The Lawn Drunk
  • I Finally Mastered Toast #CulinaryGenius
  • Sarcasm And Offensive Comments? Mastered It.

Anything that can easily be done can be “mastered” in a POD message. And these days, Etsy shoppers seem to love the humor of such messages.

With so many consumers embracing mock-arrogance in apparel themes and messaging, this approach might be one way to deliver more of what the masses desire in a wide variety of niches.