Being successful on Merch doesn’t require you to have the biggest brain in POD but it does require you to have some brain-related tshirts in your portfolio.

Either a large segment of Amazon shoppers are zombies, or a lot of online apparel buyers just really like brains.

Either way, tshirts that feature images of or messages about brains are a no-brainer if you’re looking to make tees that have widespread appeal.

While most of the brain-centric designs are largely geared toward the science niche, brain tees can perform well in practically any niche. So regardless of the niche you’re focusing on, brains are where smart Merchers are directing more and more effort. And I have a suggestion for your brain attire that may help you inject something new into this consistently profitable apparel theme.

Millions of people who are into and obsessed with (either professionally or as a hobby) the human brain have an understanding of what functions or capabilities are performed by specific parts of the brain. The cerebral cortex, for instance, helps with analyzing data and performing memory functions. The left hemisphere helps with interpretation of mathematical input. The front lobe is all about cognition and memory.

Scaling these elements into various themes that require the brain to perform or enjoy makes for original tshirt designs that aren’t particularly abundant on Amazon. For example:

  • Crossword Puzzles Make My Cerebral Cortex Happy
  • My Left Hemisphere Loves Math
  • I Love You From the Bottom of My Frontal Lobe

While on the surface it may look like this creative challenge is a daunting one, getting to know the parts of the brain and their core functions won’t strain your hippocampus too much. Check out these short and sweet brain function flash cards and you’ll be a Merch braniac in no time at all,

The above is a sample from a previous issue of the Merch Momentum Monday Strategy Guide.