With Bitcoin and the vast cryptocurrency market going mainstream at a rapid pace, interest has obviously spilled over into the print-on-demand, Etsy, and Merch By Amazon communities.

In recent months, I have been pelted with questions about cryptocurrencies and how creators should leverage the mounting consumer interest in crypto for tshirts and other POD and ecommerce products. Today, I’m going to give you a few suggestions, leads, or caveats that might help you carve out a piece of this widening and increasingly profitable niche all to yourself.

Buyers Are Knowledgeable

The majority of individuals who buy Bitcoin / cryptocurrency tshirts are not casual consumers who heard about Bitcoin in passing. Bitcoin tshirt buyers are Bitcoin investors, traders, and cryptocurrency or blockchain enthusiasts who know this niche well and are financially tied to it in some capacity. The bottom line? Messages, designs and listings have to sound knowledgeable as they will predominately be purchased by individuals who are very well-versed in all things crypto.


Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market endure cycles like any other market does. Presently, most people think we are still in a bull market (some believe the bear market is coming or near). Consequently, you will primarily want to focus on designs that express optimism and enthusiasm about upward price action. Bitcoin holders often speak of explosive growth and “to the moon” style language. Tshirts that channel this bullish attitude with messaging about the power, progress, and profitability of Bitcoin will probably perform well in 2022, especially since so many Bitcoin enthusiasts love to rub Bitcoin’s success in the face of those who don’t like, trust, or believe in cryptocurrencies.

ATH (All Time High)

“All time highs” are discussed regularly by crypto investors and traders in terms of a coin / cryptocurrency’s price. Language pertinent to ATH is great fodder for messaging. I can’t believe that Amazon isn’t yet home to the simplest of concepts in this regard. Chances are, many Bitcoin holders would wear a tshirt that reads “It’s a Great Day for a New ATH.”

Coin Names and Logos

With the exception of Bitcoin (in name or via a generic orange or gold coin featuring a “B”), most cryptocurrencies (names and logos) are off-limits for referencing or depicting on apparel and products for sale. Considering that there are quite literally thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence today, I can’t speak for all of them, as I’m certain some would love the publicity of being featured on an Amazon or Etsy tshirt. Nonetheless, most are not usable. So in your design messaging, speak generally of “cryptocurrencies.” Do not name names.

Cryptocurrency and Taxes

The advent of the cryptocurrency age has placed a premium on accountants and attorneys with knowledge of these digital assets. Those who made or lost money will — in many instances — be seeking help from qualified professionals when it comes time to pay the tax man. Accountants and attorneys with knowledge in this field are tripping over themselves today to articulate their expertise and ability to help retail investors navigate the choppy and confusing waters of cryptocurrency taxes. POD creators have almost entirely overlooked this niche audience (and it’s surprising to me considering how profitable accounting tshirts and POD products are).

Bears Make Money Too

While we already discussed perma-bulls (traders and investors who generally are always bullish about crypto markets), there are others who tend to be more bearish (expecting prices to fall). We’ve been hearing a lot in the news about short sellers of stocks and those betting on prices of various stocks and financial assets to fall. The same happens in crypto. Bulls make money, and so do bears. We have to make tshirts for those at both ends of the trading / investing spectrum.

Green and Red Candles

There’s no imagery more appealing to traders or investors than “candles” — lines on a trading screen that indicate if a price of a stock or cryptocurrency is going up (green — good for bulls, bad for bears) or down (red — good for bears and bad for bulls). Tshirts that incorporate red or green candles seem to perform exceptionally well in POD. Keep this in mind as you create designs for bulls and bears.


Many Bitcoin / crypto enthusiasts don’t really want to sound arrogant or haughty in their belief that digital currency is superior to fiat (paper money made legal tender by a government) and will eventually replace paper money, but many of the loudest voices in this space (and the best selling tshirts) strike a tone of “I told you so” and “Bitcoin is the future whether you like it or not.” Bitcoin holders who bought into crypto when a single Bitcoin was worth a few dollars or even hundreds of dollars are among the loudest to tout the rise of cryptocurrencies (keep in mind that one Bitcoin is now worth well over $40,000). Consequently, messaging that oozes confidence / arrogance seems to resonate very well with many Bitcoin lovers and apparel buyers.


Cryptocurrency investors and traders have an insatiable appetite for news, financial data, charts, information, social media, and market quotes. They’re often buried in their phones checking prices, commenting or arguing on social media with others in this space, watching government spending and political news, or touting price predictions and breaking plans because they have to trade or watch markets. These are all themes that traders / investors in cryptocurrencies will understand and likely be amused by if presented on a tshirt.

Wallet Talk

Crypto / Bitcoin holders are often talking about their “wallets” (which they protect with their lives). These are highly secure digital wallets that can be hot or cold. A “hot wallet” is connected to the Internet and thought to be less secure than a cold wallet, which is not connected to the internet and thought to be more secure and less hackable. Bitcoin holders and crypto traders are always talking about their wallets — growing their wallets, protecting their wallets, hiding their wallets, using crazy passwords on their wallets, retiring off of their wallets, etc. Crypto wallets don’t get enough attention from Merchers and we should be referencing them for humorous tshirt messages more frequently.

Crypto Complaints

These days, Bitcoin holders have a lot to be happy about. But if you’ve ever followed crypto folks on social media, you also know that they tend to gripe and complain a lot about things. All of these things are great fodder for tshirts. They include: High gas fees (“gas” refers to crypto fees for sending or transferring crypto funds between or among wallets), friends and family members not understanding or believing in Bitcoin, taxes, exchanges (where coins are bought and sold) not working or behaving properly, missed opportunities (buying or selling at the wrong time), and forgetting passwords or being disorganized, to name a few!

In short, I think the biggest opportunities in crypto / Bitcoin tshirts today involve making designs that:

  • Emphasize buying / holding (not selling) crypto
  • Capture Bitcoin-related enthusiasm about the future value of digital assets
  • Educate non-holders about the power / potential of cryptocurrencies
  • Reference wealth, freedom, and independence as a result of crypto gains
  • Make jokes, puns, or statements in reference to crypto and the wearer’s excitement about this topic

Bitcoin and the broad cryptocurrency market are all topics that will remain on my radar this year. Many traders / investors believe our present bull market will last well into 2023. If this is the case, Bitcoin-related apparel should perform better this year than it did in 2021 (a strong year for the niche!)

Just remember. Compliance and trademark landmines are everywhere in this niche. Don’t use ANY cryptocurrency related term or word without CAREFULLY checking and double-checking trademarks (for example, I don’t “crypto” in my designs, only “cryptocurrency” because of TMs). Just as importantly, avoid giving financial advice in your messaging or presenting messages that could be interpreted as financial / investment advice.

Yes, there’s risk in this niche, just as there is with the actual crypto market. But I’ve been playing it safe and smart with this niche for a long time now in POD. I’ve encountered no problems and crypto has become one of my best-selling niches. For that reason, I believe it can be just as impactful for your catalog in 2022 as it was for mine in 2021.