On my short list of hot niches to watch, there’s one that stands out more than most others today.

I’m talking about conspiracy theories.

Right now on Amazon, Etsy, and even more so on smaller PODs and eCommerce platforms, tshirts and novelty products in the conspiracy theories niche are performing exceedingly well.

Now, to be clear, the conspiracy theories niche, as it pertains to the print-on-demand and eCommerce landscape, isn’t the same brand of nefarious, dark conspiracy theories that widely populates the web.

The opportunities I’m speaking of pertain to more lighthearted and, in some cases, outright absurd messages and designs that poke fun at conspiracies more than legitimize them.

While it’s always been a popular niche in print-on-demand and eCommerce, today business is really heating up in conspiracy theories. Notwithstanding the niche’s surge in popularity and profitability (particularly when it comes to the myriad of subniches in the conspiracy theories niche), most creatives working on Merch By Amazon, Etsy, Redbubble, and elsewhere have overlooked or ignored the opportunities at hand.

There are scores of messaging angles and designs waiting to be made and presented to shoppers in time for the general election, holiday shopping, and the evergreen buying wave that comes with Q4.

The tshirts and novelty products that I have the highest expectations for in Q4 include those that exaggerate and embellish the fringe elements of this niche. Whether you put a tin foil hat on Santa or place a faux headline about aliens on a newspaper cover, there is no shortage of potential design and messaging opportunities, though most will contain references to or images of:

  • Aliens
  • Bigfoot
  • Seeing eye
  • Tin foil hats
  • Puppet strings
  • Government
  • News media
  • Brains
  • Earth
  • Hypnosis swirls
  • Creepy eyes

Merch Momentum is launching an Exclusive New Conspiracy Theories Graphics Bundle of designs (made by Adam Guballa at Tshirtfella) based on my leads to help MBA, Etsy, and POD sellers tap into the conspiracy theories niche with graphics addressing all of the angles and elements vital to audiences interested in this niche.

The bundle is launching at a temporarily reduced price of just $5 this week to help you get a jump start on what will be a very important niche for the remainder of Q3, all of Q4 and likely far beyond the all-seeing-eye can see.

You can get the bundle here.