“Cringe” is one of the hottest words on Tiktok right now and across the meme ecosystem.

“Cringe” is used broadly in reference to things that are awkward, off-putting, not appealing, gross or unwanted.

Similarly, anything labeled a “cringe meme” usually features humor or content that is cheesy, dumb, or just plain weird.

There is HUGE demand for cringe-related tshirts. The secret to success with this approach, I believe, is to link “cringe” messaging and themes to a variety of niches. For example (not checked for compliance):

  • People Who Don’t Rescue Dogs Are So Cringe
  • Homework is Cringe
  • Capricorns Are So Cringe… I Would Know. I’m a Capricorn.
  • That Dude Over There is Cringe… Oh, Wait, That’s a Mirror

“Cringe” has enormous potential for application across a variety of niches. Explore and create!