Morbid is making a comeback… but only the mild, clearly humorous, lighthearted brand of morbidity.

In case that’s confusing, let’s discuss.

In a nutshell, I’ve been talking about the “mildly morbid” approach for years in apparel. But it’s enjoying a popularity resurgence today in a big way.

To be clear, I’m not referencing anything that would be offensive, disturbing or in violation of Amazon’s terms of service — that is, nothing that makes light of human tragedy or death.

I’m referring to messaging along the lines of the following examples (not checked for compliance):

• I’ve Got Big Plans for the Afterlife… I’m Going to Haunt Your House

• Bury Me in Kentucky with My Boots on and Rifle Loaded

• Spread My Ashes Whenever My Enemies Can Slip and Fall on Them

Again, this niche isn’t for everyone. But there are buyers in this niche everywhere. As long as you play it respectfully and humorously, you’ll likely do well.