There will always be a place for positive, upbeat and motivational tshirts for personal trainers, fitness-related social media influencers, and enthusiasts for all things mind and body wellness.

But we must now make room for those who motivate through “though love” and borderline-sadistic encouragement. In fact, these tough-talking motivation tees are among my fastest growing sellers in the fitness niche.

So what’s missing or needed in larger numbers? Etsy, Amazon, and other eCommerce platforms would be well served by new fitness / workout designs that emphasize:

• Quitting isn’t tolerated
• Soreness is the goal
• More sets, reps, and effort
• Pain is a good thing
• Gyms are for sweating, not taking selfies
• PTs are here to be mean, not motherly
• Weakness in the gym isn’t acceptable
• How pushing limits is essential
• Easy workouts aren’t acceptable
• Decent workouts bring sweat and tears

Sensitive, uplifting messaging will never go out of style in POD, but tough-talking motivation is the current wave in fitness tees — which always gain steam in spring. Ride that wave all the way to the bank this year!