As English author Joanne Harris once observed: “Clones fit in. Freaks stand out. Ask me which one I prefer.”

Everywhere you look today in POD there are clones — new clones of tshirt designs that were already cloned to death years ago.

Originality is in short order across most niches in print on demand.

So to stand out, you have to get a little freaky.

One visual approach that is working extremely well for me today is the psychedelic look. To be clear, I’m not using psychedelic themes for niches that you would probably associate with this striking appearance. That is, I don’t make a lot of psychedelic drug tees or psychedelic EDM shirts. Rather, I bring this look to niches that have seen few if any psychedelic designs. And it’s working!

This is why today I’m excited to release this FREE psychedelic graphics bundle made by Adam Guballa at Tshirtfella. I outlined a series of psychedelic visuals that could be applied to a wide variety of niches (from science to relationships) and Adam did a marvelous job bringing these ideas to life.

You are free to use or modify these images commercially on any POD platform of your choice!

The psychedelic niche graphics bundle includes:

  • Psychedelic brain
  • Psychedelic earth
  • Psychedelic lips
  • Psychedelic alien
  • Psychedelic smile
  • Psychedelic nerves
  • Psychedelic eyes
  • Psychedelic sunglasses
  • Psychedelic skull
  • Psychedelic tree
  • Psychedelic heart
  • Psychedelic mushrooms

You can download the bundle here: (just put a zero in the price box).

Good luck and please let me know if you have questions or need help!

Thank you for being a friend and supporter of Merch Momentum!