Of course, we all know that studying is a good idea in college. But for some, staying up to play video games all night sounds like a better idea.

A beer sounds like a good idea to some. For die-hard beer lovers, a six-pack sounds like a better idea.

Making a million dollars is a pretty neat idea. Making a billion dollars is considerably neater.

In life, there are lots of choices and options. Sometimes we do what we need to do. Other times, we simply do what we want to do.

In either case, there’s fodder for tshirts here. Specifically, the process of weighing good ideas and better ideas (or good decisions and better decisions) is excellent and unique material for tshirt and novelty product messaging.

Best of all, the general concept is highly scalable to many niches. For instance (not checked for compliance):

  • Sleep is a Good Idea. Playing Poker All Night is a Better Idea.
  • Cup of Coffee? Good Decision. Pot of Coffee? Better Decision.
  • Your Salad was a Good Decision. My Pizza was a More Delicious One.

From hobbies to foods, there are all sorts of clever comparisons that you can make that weigh good ideas against better ideas (with the better idea usually being an indulgence or something silly).

In my experience, this approach can really resonate with niche audiences that love flaunting their great ideas — even when the ideas really aren’t so “great” in some instances.