I make phone cases and PopSockets with a very simple premise at the foundation of every design I create.

I believe that the things people do with their phones are the things that people want their phones to reflect.

This is why I always look at the top app downloads in every iOS and Android app category. This guides my niche research toward profitable designs that reflect the interests and activities of smartphone users.

Although we can’t make cases and PopSockets about specific apps and the intellectual property behind them, we can and should make designs in the same niches that these apps dominate.

Using a helpful free website called App Figures, you can quickly peruse the most downloaded apps on Android or iOS across all app categories. There are hundreds of apps waiting to inform your niche research and direction.

Within minutes, you’ll notice such things as:

  • Programming code phone cases would be popular with developers
  • It’s a good idea to make PopSockets with maps and pin drops for avid GPS hunters
  • Health data motifs belong on cases for fitness enthusiasts
  • Weather radar PopSockets for weather junkies and storm chasers are begging to be made!

Unlike tshirts, which we often wear to communicate messages to others, the best selling phone cases and PopSockets tend to communicate firstly to the device owner.

Any phone case or PopSocket that emphasizes or embellishes the niche interests of the device user will be a highly attractive product to your target audience and will likely convert again and again on Merch By Amazon.