The most daunting part of any new venture is – starting.  Taking the first step can be overwhelming for a lot of different reasons.  In this post, we’ll outline the things to focus on to get started on Etsy the right way!

Your Product

Some of the most important steps in creating your new Etsy store will happen before you even create your account.  First and foremost, you need to make sure you have a winning product!  

Have you done your research to know that there is a market on Etsy for your item(s)?  You can use tools like eRank and Marmalead to research the competition, search volumes & engagement for different items/keywords.  This will be a great start to knowing if your item is going to be something that shoppers on Etsy are looking for.


You certainly don’t have to be the cheapest (and you don’t want to be!) to be competitive.  Use Etsy to look at your competitors and see what pricing strategies they’re using and where it makes sense for you to price your products.  Many shoppers are looking for free shipping any time they’re shopping online.  There have been many studies that have been cited saying consumers would much rather pay a slightly higher purchase price for an item with free shipping than paying a slightly lower price for an item that comes with a shipping fee.  


One of the most important parts of any eCommerce business is getting really great product photography.  I cannot stress this enough.  Especially on a marketplace like Etsy where you’re competing against other shops and listings – you need to make sure your images are going to stand out and be “click worthy” above your competition.  This doesn’t mean you need to spend tons on a professional photographer either.  The newer iPhone & Samsung phones can take phenomenal photos with a little research and practice!  Lighting is everything – natural light is always better than artificial.


Now it’s time to think about your new business’s identity.  What is your mission, do you have a tagline?  What colors, fonts, images do you want to use in your branding so that you remain consistent and can create brand recognition?  You can hire this work out to a brand strategist/designer or do it yourself!  It all depends on what you’re wanting and your budget.  Canva is a great graphic design tool to create any kind of graphic you’ll need if you choose the DIY route.  

Creating Your Etsy Store

Now that you have a great foundation, you need to actually create your Etsy seller account and build your Etsy store.  This is the most overwhelming part to a lot of store owners because they’re new to the platform or they just simply don’t have the time to do it the right way.  I see a lot of incomplete Etsy stores, lacking images and details that I know is leaving money on the table for the store’s owner.  

Make sure you complete every section of your Etsy store in entirety and with thoughtfulness.  Already having your product photography and branding done is going to make building your Etsy store a breeze!  Add great photos, create a compelling cover image and tell your shop’s story!  Why did you start your Etsy shop?  Why are you so passionate about the product(s) you are selling?  Your shoppers will want to know!  

Follow all of these steps and you’ll be off to a great start in getting your Etsy store up and running the right way!