Spring and summer are coming. And warm weather months bring with them an undeniable appetite for attention among some people — especially individuals on social media.

But touting one’s “fame” isn’t limited to those on TikTok or Instagram. Some folks are fond of farcically saying they are “famous” for many reasons. And such messaging makes for great gift tshirts for these target audiences.

For instance (not checked for compliance):

• I’m Famous for Your Smile (A tshirt for dentists or hygienists)

• I’m Famous for My Singing (A tshirt for karaoke singers)

• I’m Famous for Being Cute (A tshirt for kids)

• I’m Famous for Getting All The Answers Right (A tshirt for good students)

• I’m Famous for Blowing Stuff Up (A tshirt for fireworks lovers)

• I’m Famous for Buying Bitcoin Before Everyone Else Did (A tshirt for crypto lovers)

A modicum of truth mixed with feigned vanity is a recipe for humorous tshirt messaging that many consumers across numerous niches really seem to enjoy.

From dad’s who barbecue like a pro, to makeup artists who work miracles, any talents or attributes worth noting can be the subject of one’s “fame” on a tshirt or novelty product.