We may live in a digital world where photos and video clips are now so easy to take that most people never hesitate to take them, but that doesn’t mean parents have stopped preserving their kids’ cutest moments on paper.

If truth be told, not every experience or memory can be preserved on film. All we have are our minds. And because memories can fade, new moms and dads remain fond of keeping “baby books” — print books to document the growth and memorable moments attributed to their little ones.

Surprisingly, Amazon is not home to nearly as many personalized baby book journals as you might expect. “Baby Liam’s first year journal” or “Baby Melissa’s first year journal” doesn’t return a staggering degree of competition from KDP.

You can scale baby book titles to all of the most popular children’s names (after ensuring trademark compliance) and not find much competition in some instances. I’ve found, however, that many parents seem to like journals that don’t compel daily entries, as a diary would. Rather, baby books with titles like “Baby Melissa’s First 52 Weeks” would allow parents to journal once a week about what new and fun things their baby did in the preceding seven days.

There aren’t many wrong ways to tackle baby books for parents. But creative content is sorely lacking. And this potentially represents a significant opportunity for KDPers.