I am extremely proud to formally launch Merch Momentum’s Course of Action.

In 3+ hours of video lectures and a 180+ page companion eBook, you will learn:

  • How to establish a POD business that can evolve and endure amid changing times and turbulent economic conditions.
  • How to set up an efficient and effective workflow to boost productivity and mitigate disorganization and creative chaos.
  • How to think, act, and create like a storyteller, not a product seller.
  • How to develop a robust design portfolio of not only diverse niches but also diverse styles and aesthetics, increasing the scope of your catalog’s appeal.
  • How to identify niche opportunities and target passionate niche audiences.
  • How to find niche inspiration and create completely original designs and products that can better compete by virtue of being innovative not imitative.
  • How to create compelling product messaging that consumers will feel and embrace.
  • How to design tshirts and POD products with clarity, creative simplicity, and a guiding purpose.
  • How to write strong, expertly keyworded product listings to give algorithms what they want and consumers what they need to know.
  • How to establish a winner’s mindset and commit to a series of actions that free your mind from distractions and emotions that impede focus, productivity, and financial progress.

I made this course in hopes of helping all sellers at all levels reach deeper into their own potential and aim higher with regard to how much can be achieved in print on demand.

To get the course and get started, click here!