Every year, three to four times per year, Mercury enters retrograde. What does that mean exactly?

According to astrologers, this refers to a time when the planet Mercury goes into an apparent retrograde (backwards) motion. Periods of retrograde are thought to bring with them a heightened prospect for turbulence, misfortune, and strange circumstances (and potentially opportunities) in our lives.

Regardless of whether you view this observation as serious or silly, you can’t diminish the large number of people who closely follow retrograde cycles. Millions of people all over the world take Mercury’s movement into consideration when planning medical procedures, conducting business, traveling, or doing anything of importance.

For entrepreneurs in the print-on-demand industry, huge opportunities abound with regard to Mercury in retrograde, especially when it comes to publishing on KDP.

With so many people planning for Mercury in retrograde each year, it only makes sense to address this effort with some new KDP resources (and Amazon actually needs more of these).

Firstly, it’s imperative to understand when the retrograde cycles take place. For 2022, there are four times in the calendar year when Mercury enters retrograde (the first is happening right now).

•     January 14 – February 3

•     May 10 – June 3

•     September 9 – October 2

•     December 29 – January 18, 2023

From daily planners and activity logs, to horoscope drafts (for astrologers) and retrograde observations, there are many things about these protracted periods of time that astrology enthusiasts pay attention to and navigate.

Create resources for their unique and diverse purposes when Mercury is in retrograde. Despite being a niche that holds massive worldwide interest, Mercury in retrograde journals and notebooks are a low-competition genre that is ripe for expansion and domination by the resources you can put forward.