There are a lot of big buts in this community.I’m sorry if that’s offensive to you. But if you have a big but, you need to hear this. Because your but could be putting you behind.What kind of big buts am I bemoaning? Here are some all-too familiar examples

BUT… they got away with it!

This is a common complaint by Merchers who engage in risky, potentially ban-worthy practices because some others have gotten away with it or have evaded Amazon’s detection… so far.

BUT… it was free to use commercially!

Another complaint is when Merchers get take-downs for using content or assets (graphics, fonts, pre-made tshirts) that were supposed to be eligible to use commercially. Many Merchers are far too credulous when it comes to free or low-cost content available on dubious websites.

BUT… an influencer told me it was okay!

A regular complaint across social media comes from creators who were led astray by either the ignorance or the arrogance of someone they had misplaced their faith in. A tragic reality facing many POD creators is that influential voices with legions of followers sometimes give really bad advice.

BUT… I was supposed to be rich by now!

Complaints about poor sales, no sales, and the lack of a yacht or BMW are among the most common complaints of all. Too many big talkers have planted the seed of impatience and watered it with unrealistic hopes of overnight POD riches. When passive income proves to not be all that passive… and often with no income attached… lots of sellers get upset. And they complain.

What do all of these big but complaints have in common? They all stem from us being too trusting. We have to stop blindly trusting so much of what we see, hear, and are told in social media communities when it comes to making money online, especially in print on demand.

Have you ever picked up a ruler and had the urge to go get another ruler to confirm the accuracy of the first ruler? Likely not. But in POD today, it’s probably a good idea to take that approach more often, especially if you’re a newcomer. New creators on MBA aren’t afforded what many veterans were fortunate to have in the early days of Merch By Amazon — ample leeway to make mistakes and recover. You have to be more careful than ever today when it comes to protecting your account, protecting your portfolio, and protecting your customers.

No buts about it.