Regardless of how competitive some niches may be, there are always clever research techniques that can be used to drill deeper and find messaging angles, sub-niches, and creative ideas overlooked and undiscovered throughout the MBA community.

Today, we’re going to focus on the research hack made possible by pet peeves.

Let’s start with education – a massive and very competitive but profitable niche.

Do a fast Google search for “top teacher pet peeves.”

The very first page of search results provides a window to fresh, creative messaging potential in the teacher niche.

Near the top of the list of lighthearted grievances? Yawning students.

Dig a little deeper into that pet peeve and you’ll find blogs, Twitter posts, and other online chatter echoing this pet peeve, confirming the validity of the complaint among teachers.

Now, guess how many tshirts on Amazon tackle teacher pet peeves like bored students yawning in class? Good luck finding many quality options!

Next, let’s Google “nurse pet peeves.”

The first page of results is just as fruitful. Creative new messaging leads are everywhere!

The first search result alone gives me the following nurse pet peeves: “When patients confuse the hospital with a hotel” and “When people come to the desk instead of pressing the call light.”

These are fantastic messaging concepts (extremely overlooked) that will resonate with nurses who enjoy sarcastic work tees (this is a big niche!).

My point? Googling professions, hobbies or activities and the pet peeves that routinely accompany them will give you valuable and easily actionable insight into the niche minutiae that passionate audiences recognize, appreciate, and spend money on any time of year!