Every day, an incalculable number of people go to their local java joint for coffee and a cake pop.

From a global giant like Starbucks to a small-town coffee shop, the coffee – cake pop combo is trendy everywhere.

But Merchers have overlooked this popular caffeine and sugar tag team enjoyed by people everywhere for breakfast, lunch, or a sweet snack.

Cake pops represent a fabulous niche that needs a serious dose of creative energy.

Consider, for example, red, white, and blue cake pops for a patriotic aesthetic. Perhaps cake pops covered in hearts to tout the wearer’s true love for Valentine’s Day. Or what about a leprechaun holding a golden cake pop for St. Patrick’s Day?

There are strong seasonal and evergreen cake pop design opportunities on the table that virtually no Merchers are making. When you consider that foods and drinks represent one of the most profitable niches in all of POD (and the best selling designs often focus on specific favorite foods and drinks), it’s a no-brainer in my mind that cake pops deserve more time and creative effort from Merchers.