Affirmations — ubiquitous positive statements uttered to help one challenge and conquer self-sabotaging or negative thoughts — are among the most sought-after quote-tshirts in print-on-demand today.

While everyone in POD should be piling into positive affirmations, most make the mistake of creating designs that are generically positive and not positive in regard to a very specific goal or underlying reason for speaking an affirmation in the first place.

We need some really good and completely original goal or niche-specific positive affirmation tshirts.

Merch creators need to get busy coming up with precision-targeted positive affirmation-style quotes that could fall into these extremely popular and profitable affirmation categories:

  • Happiness affirmations
  • Success affirmations
  • Healing affirmations
  • Attraction affirmations
  • Wealth affirmations
  • Abundance affirmations
  • Acceptance affirmations
  • Relationship affirmations
  • Spiritual affirmations
  • Anxiety and stress affirmations
  • Recovery affirmations
  • Career affirmations
  • Confidence affirmations
  • Courage affirmations
  • Self esteem affirmations
  • Weight loss affirmations
  • Marriage affirmations
  • Patience affirmations
  • Motivational affirmations
  • Creativity affirmations
  • Self care affirmations
  • Parenting affirmations

The web is teeming with positive affirmations about every possible thought, concern, or aspiration. But in POD, the diversity of affirmations is pathetic. This is a straightforward and potentially lucrative opportunity for merch makers today.