I’ve been seeing this “motivational quote” everywhere on social media lately but not in many print-on-demand communities… which I feel is precisely where it belongs.

Everyone wants to be the king of the jungle on Merch By Amazon or bring the “eye of the tiger” to Etsy, but too many of our peers are aiming for “lion” or “tiger” status when they should be thinking like a wolf.

The wolf mindset is the winning mindset in POD. Why? Wolves:

  • Are patient
  • Have a trusted circle
  • Are resilient
  • Rely on brains more than brawn
  • Are always hungry
  • Have a keen vision
  • Stalk opportunities
  • Are stealthy
  • Strike with precision
  • Don’t follow the pack
  • Have a single-minded focus
  • Hunt away from the crowd
  • Don’t care about vanity or praise
  • Want to survive, not show off

If we all did this with our research, our planning, our execution, our response to setbacks, and our long-term business planning, how much better off would we be?Lions and tigers sure are mighty. But in POD, I’m all about the wolf.