Did you know that counseling and therapy sessions see an enormous increase in demand around the start of a new year?

Why? As the masses look for fresh beginnings and set resolutions to that end, the arrival of January brings with it a notable seasonal spike in the evergreen therapist niche.

But not every therapy-related opportunity involves putting feet up on a psychologist’s sofa. In fact, “therapy” in the apparel space is a broad category that includes — and often emphasizes — activities and elements that have a positive therapeutic effect on individuals seeking to feel better.

From family members and farm animals, to lawn care and skiing, there’s no limit to what can be deemed “therapeutic” to an audience.

Every January, I see a rise in niche-focused therapy humor designs. And there are tons of niches that haven’t been leveraged in this manner. For example (not checked for compliance):

• My Therapist Goes ‘Moo’
• A Paintbrush is My Therapist
• My Therapist Has Two Wheels

For as long as I’ve been on Etsy, Merch By Amazon and elsewhere in E-commerce, tshirt expressions of therapeutic enjoyment of various niches have performed well. Because there are so many untapped messaging opportunities in this space (especially on Etsy), I think there’s no better time than now to explore niche therapy designs.