It’s a warning written in bold print on any document, offer, or advertisement about an investment opportunity: “Past performance is not an indicator of future results.”

In the world of print-on-demand, we are obsessed with past performance — especially when the performance is horrible.

But the above disclaimer I referenced applies here.

You may have had the absolute worst January in the history of your POD career. But you know what? January is NOT an indicator of future results… but that’s only if you change:

  • Your approach
  • Your reach
  • Your attitude
  • Your focus
  • Your expectations
  • Your vision

Between January and March, you could go from zero to hero. But it all depends on how willing you are to:

  • Stop fixating on what’s not selling
  • Stop making more of what’s already not selling
  • Start designing for niches not currently represented in your portfolio
  • Stop making niche designs that are even remotely similar to what’s already widely available
  • Start leaving your comfort zone daily as a designer and creator
  • Stop putting all your creative eggs into one or a few baskets
  • Start experimenting aggressively with topical and timely trending niches
  • Stop making designs that aesthetically resemble everything else you already sell
  • Stop putting a deadline or time limit on your POD success
  • Start planning a seasonal design calendar 3-6 months out
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself
  • Stop blaming Amazon, Etsy or POD platforms for your lack of growth / success
  • Stop comparing your sales to others and only compete with yourself
  • Start believing that you can turn things around and succeed faster than you currently think is possible

If you are bemoaning slow or disappointing sales, you’re wasting time and expending energy that could be directed at ensuring future results don’t resemble past performance.

My intention is not to be rude or dismissive of anyone’s disappointment. My goal is simply this: to remind you that you’re closer to a sales comeback than you realize.

Follow the path above and you will see results and a change for the better.