Some of today’s bestselling niches didn’t do so well yesterday.

Today’s hottest aesthetics were practically anonymous yesterday.

Today’s most influential TikTok trends weren’t conceived of yesterday.

Some of today’s best niche-themed blogs, memes, and sources of research and inspiration didn’t exist yesterday.

The keywords working well today weren’t known to Merchers yesterday.

The strategies used to create best-selling designs today were a mystery yesterday.

If you’ve been around for more than a minute, Merch By Amazon in 2022 is not the Merch By Amazon you knew when you joined the platform.

Times, indeed, are changing.

Are you?

You see, yesterday’s A-game is now a failing grade on Merch By Amazon.

If you can’t rattle off a list (as long as the one above) of things you’re personally doing differently today than you were upon first joining the platform, it’s safe to say that you’re not evolving as quickly as Merch By Amazon. And if you’re struggling with sales, this could be the primary reason why.