Reasons motivate actions. And we haven’t done a very good job of leveraging this reality and messaging opportunity in the contemporary POD marketplace.

From Merch By Amazon to Etsy, I’ve been making “reason” focused designs for a long time. And steady sales are my reason for making more.

Applicable to practically any niche, attitude, or intention, consider the following reason-centric messaging possibilities for apparel and novelty products:

  • Morel Mushroom Hunting is My Reason for Existing
  • Coffee is the Reason I’m Able to Tolerate You
  • Autumn is The Reason I’m Happy
  • Poker is The Reason for Weekends
  • Keto is The Reason I Look This Good
  • Donuts Are The Reason I’m Not a Model
  • My Cats Are The Reason I Work So Hard

Don’t know how to scale into this niche? Look inward at your own reasons for doing things. What’s the reason for the last time you laughed? The reason for the last splurge you made? The reason for the last five pounds you gained or lost? You should have no trouble finding messaging inspiration (that’s serious or silly) practically anywhere!

And if you need an additional reason to explore this opportunity? It makes money for me and I’m sure it can for you!