A variety of popular aesthetics currently dominate the eCommerce landscape, especially with regard to tshirts and apparel.

From color selections and font types, to stylized graphics and niche imagery, you can cater to any number of aesthetics with your niche designs.

As for the biggest and most lucrative aesthetics, here are the top ten to watch and leverage.

Dark Nautical: Focused on sailing and life on the sea, dark nautical is a branch of the nautical aesthetic, as it combines sea themes with darker, brooding elements spanning pirate culture to rough, stormy waters.

Line Art Aesthetic: Often referred to as “minimalist aesthetic,” line art visuals use only simple, flowing lines to create a niche image / graphic.

Celestial Aesthetic: A popular aesthetic centered on the sky, astronomy, stars, planets, and the moon. It’s also associated with spacecore, astrocore and cosmic-core.

Goblincore: An aesthetic for individuals proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Goblincore emphasizes a respect and affinity for objects, things, or elements of nature that typically aren’t thought of as being attractive or appealing.

Cottagecore: You know all those mushrooms and frogs on Amazon tshirts? This is cottagecore. It’s a nature-based aesthetic highlighting countryside landscapes and whimsical representations of animal and plant life.

Japanese Aesthetic: Focused on appreciation for Japanese culture, art, and scenery, this popular POD aesthetic is used to celebrate everything from nightlife imagery to iconic Japanese foods and beverages.

Dark Academia: Centered around old literature themes, the dark academia aesthetic stresses dark, gloomy, overcast styles directed toward libraries, books, reading, writing, and architecture.

Light Academia: Just like its darker sibling, dark academia, light academia is similarly focused on books, learning, music, art and everything pertinent to education and history but with lighter visual and contextual overtones.

Fairycore: One of POD’s biggest aesthetics, fairycore is all about magic, forest animals, soft pastels, whimsical garden animals, insects, and, yes, fairies.

Ghostcore: Hot on both sides of the Halloween season (meaning it has strong evergreen sales potential), Ghostcore is an aesthetic focused on supernatural themes and elements like ghosts, graveyards, and spirits, though not dominated by traditional horror elements.