In my experience, Merch By Amazon creators are far too concerned with adding color to throw pillow designs. In many cases, customers want no color at all.

Black and white niche photos that fill the printable space allocated on a throw pillow are extremely popular today on many E-commerce platforms and small business sites.

What types of B&W images perform best? Evidence suggests the big winners include:

  • Rocks
  • Forest trees
  • Farms
  • Horses / Cows
  • Maps
  • Water / Waves
  • Birds, fish and wildlife
  • Flowers
  • City scenes
  • Candles and lights
  • Initials/Monograms
  • Japanese letters / symbols
  • Dogs/Cats
  • Silhouettes
  • Geometric shapes
  • Repeating patterns
  • Animal faces

While the above suggestions have proven successful for some sellers, I believe that any niche or niche element that can be captured in a black and white photo or illustration can similarly translate to success on a throw pillow.