Do you know how long it takes for most businesses to create a product from concept to release?

With an experienced team and product developers, you’re looking at 6 – 12 months to launch a product of moderate complexity.

If you’re setting up shop on Etsy, Merch By Amazon, or any print-on-demand platform, you can take a product from concept to launch in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

The speed with which some of us can now launch products is a blessing. But the impatience that this launch speed creates is detrimental to sellers, creators, and entrepreneurs who expect sales to follow just as quickly.

Warren Buffett once called the stock market a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. I firmly believe this is true of the POD tshirt industry as well.

So many POD “gurus” and charlatan influencers have eroded creator patience by painting print-on-demand as a glorious get-rich-overnight business opportunity. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Approach POD with an eagerness to create innovative designs and an unwavering patience to stay the course until success eventually comes.

In recent months, social media posts geared toward entrepreneurs have featured an abundance of inspirational quotes and clips from top professional athletes. But you know what I haven’t seen one single time? A reminder that every legend in every professional sport endured many losing seasons before they started to win championships.

No MVP in any sport ever quit the game after their first, fifth, or even tenth losing season due to impatience for success.

The most valuable player is usually the most patient player. So keep working and stop looking at the clock.

That’s the mindset and mode of action for the most valuable entrepreneurs in any industry.