Conflict and contrarian voices create cash in contemporary POD.

So where’s the conflict to capitalize on today in the tshirt business? On the opposite end of the messaging you see most frequently in POD’s best performing tees.

In a world where most niche tshirts largely strike the same tone and repeat the same message, one sure-fire way to make some noise and stand out in any niche is to adopt a contrarian voice.

Look at popular and best-selling tshirts in any niche. Most of these designs present a message suggesting that the wearer likes the niche at hand.

But not everyone likes chocolate. Or bacon. Or books. Or summer. Or St. Patrick’s Day. Or just about anything else for that matter.

So why would people who don’t like those things buy tshirts and products about them? Because, chances are, individuals who don’t like such cherished delights as coffee or chocolate probably get teased a lot about their lack of love for these (almost) universally loved treats. This only deepens their dislike, making them even more vocal about their preferences.

Haters of beloved goodies become infamous in their families or social circles. It’s a point of fodder and familiarity for many. And that is precisely what drives sales.

Contrarian messages — designs that cater to audiences who dislike what most people like — have performed well for me in POD for years. Honestly, I regret not making a lot more tshirts for people like those I’ve described.

But guess what? It’s not too late for you to capitalize on where I missed a bigger opportunity.

From holidays to hobbies, most contrarian dislikes haven’t yet been articulated to an adequate or creatively sufficient extent.

So if you’re looking for something unique to direct your design attention toward, you can’t go wrong with making a few tees for people who simply don’t like what most people do (and prefer it that way).