Sometimes, the simplest string of words can be the right ingredient for a tshirt message that you have in mind but can’t creatively verbalize.

There have been countless occasions where an uninspired quote can deliver a strong zing just by the addition of a common expression to which we can all relate.

For example, confidence sells in tshirt messaging. And “I’m Cool” on a tshirt is a less confident declaration than a bolder alternative such as “I’m Cool… and Everyone Knows It.”

Clock building and watch making are two surprisingly popular hobbies. “I Love Making Clocks” is less interesting than “From Time to Time, I Make Clocks.”

Quite often, all it takes is a quick review of familiar simple sayings, phrases, idioms and expressions to help make a bland message a more impactful or attractive one.

The bottom line? Sometimes the right pairing of uninspired expressions can inspire a better tshirt message.

Here are a few links to peruse in hopes of inspiring more creativity for your Merch messaging this weekend.