For some print-on-demand creators, 2022 was the most profitable year ever.

For others, it was a year full of frustration, disappointing sales, and concern for the future of POD.

In fact, there were so many bad breakups between creators and print-on-demand platforms this year that Taylor Swift could probably write a song about it.

But, through it all, print-on-demand is still here. And the future remains bright for creators who evolve along with the industry and its challenges — all of which are changing rapidly.

Five years ago, when I published the first issue of the Merch Momentum Monday Strategy Guide, we inhabited a completely different world in POD. And just as sellers must evolve to meet changing times, so too must the strategy guide.

The path to future profits in POD is not paved with recycled ideas or standalone keyword lists.

Starting today, the weekly Merch Momentum Strategy Guide is taking a significant leap forward. In addition to offering the latest niche insight and creative approaches I have to share, we’re also going to help you grow your business as a whole. This will be achieved by helping you:

• Learn more about aesthetics in addition to niches

• Learn how to design for specific products beyond tshirts

• Reduce the impact of theft and competition through creative means of driving traffic to your listings

• Learn new design styles and techniques

• Become a better, smarter researcher

• Learn how to build and promote a brand

• Effectively market and advertise your products and brands

• Learn to listen to and better serve diverse customers in global markets

• Tap into lucrative trends and themes straight from TikTok and other social media platforms

• Become a more influential communicator from design messaging to product listings

• Deal effectively and proactively with the challenges and frustrations of modern POD

These are just some of the key areas of print-on-demand business operations that the weekly guide will now begin to focus on.

Every week the guide will be a little different, emphasizing different aspects of all that I just mentioned and more. And I’m recruiting plenty of expert help to make it happen.

From top POD sellers and coveted branding consultants, to successful graphic designers and veteran advertising experts, more voices will join mine as we take on POD in 2023.

From week to week, this strategy guide will keep you on your toes both as a creator and as a student. But the end goal remains the same — to help you expand more than just your catalog of designs. It’s time to grow your business and overcome any potential obstacle or areas of weakness that prevent your POD business from running on all cylinders. If you’re already subscribed, there’s nothing to do. The guide will keep coming to you as always. If you’re yet to give the weekly guide a shot, I hope you’ll do so and join me for this exciting new journey ahead. 

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