There is no better occasion than today to share some helpful resources that I personally LOVE to use when researching, creating, designing, and even listing my products on Merch By Amazon.

Each of the following URLs leads to tools and platforms that can be used or consulted for a number of purposes, but the goal of sharing them is singular — to help you sell more tshirts through ingenuity.

While my personal list of online resources grows longer all the time, here are a few new ones and oldies (but goodies) worth referencing in hopes of empowering your Merch creation efforts the way they have empowered mine.

Whether you’re looking to make your tshirt marketing on social media more effective or better research what people are saying (hashtagging) in a particular niche, this platform can help you take a niche or keyword and generate related top hashtags on Instagram that may just stimulate new messaging angles to explore or keywords to leverage in your Merch listings.

Great for science and education tshirts, Chemspeller lets you find ways of spelling words for your tshirt message using the periodic table of elements.

When a niche/keyword is saturated, don’t make the mistake of being a small fish in a big pond. Find equally bankable but less competitive keywords or niches that are closely related to the original keyword or niche and become a big fish in a small pond.

Put the primary keyword or niche name of your best selling shirts into the idiom finder and you’re sure to generate new concepts for future shirts in the same niches, enabling you to double down on what’s already working for your Merch business with an added injection of creativity.

This visual thesaurus will enable you to come up with content and keyword ideas through a displayed chain of connected words and ideas, many of which are diamonds in the rough for Merch creators.

Finding words inside of words can lead to unique text-based designs capable of selling in practically any niche. WordFind will let you find new messaging ideas from the oldest ideas in your arsenal.

I owe more of my Merch success to rhymes than perhaps anything else. From puns to pithy messages, Rhymezone has been a go-to Merch tshirt creation resource for me more times than I could ever count.

This is a very supportive resource based on LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing), which are “keywords related to the topic your page is about. They include not only just synonyms but other words that often occur when a certain topic is written about.”

Want to quickly peruse font options for your main keyword or phrase on a tshirt? Here’s a resource that let’s you do exactly that!

This “Leetspeak generator” is great for making designs/messaging targeting computer, geek, gamer, hacker and programmer niches. Leetspeak refers to the practice of substituting numbers for letters in the spelling of a word.

When I have a great message, I don’t just use words. I use sign language. This translator is extremely helpful.…

We’ve all heard of a dictionary. But what about a reverse dictionary? This free tool lets you describe a concept (with a single word, a few words, or a whole sentence) and it returns an entire list of words and phrases related to the concept you’ve introduced.