My favorite movie from the 80’s (and my all-time favorite movie overall) is Ghostbusters!

Based on a group of odd-ball scientists and paranormal investigators who have to save New York City and the world from a supernatural apocalypse, the film culminates with a lesson that is especially instructive for print-on-demand sellers.

To succeed in the end, you have to boldly “cross the streams.”

I firmly believe that the most lucrative strategy across the widest array of diverse niches today is the crossover approach — that is, linking two niches to create a cohesive design that appeals to or attracts audiences interested in or related to the niche duo at hand.

Some remarkably opportune crossover niche designs are just waiting to be made in the most profitable evergreen and seasonal niches in existence. From linking the horror niche to aesthetics, foods, professionals, and animals that have never been “horrified,” to holiday designs that put Santa, elves and reindeer in aesthetics and niche settings never before envisioned, crossover niches can be immensely profitable so long as the crossover you create has never been done before.

Original crossover niche designs currently represent 6 of my 10 bestsellers on Amazon. Linking niches in a unique and compelling fashion was a key strategy of mine in 2022 and I plan to do the same in 2023.

Photo / Copyright © Sony / Columbia / GhostCorps.