If you need a refresher, a polygon — in geometry — is a flat two-dimensional closed shape with straight sides and no curved sides.

Although polygons are nothing new and have been a prominent mainstay of graphic design for as long as anyone can remember, they are certainly more profitable and “trendy” than they used to be in the Merch community.

For me, polygonal-style graphics have been extremely important when I need to use some pretty standard, uninspired clip art pertinent to a niche design but want to look cooler and fresher than the competition.

As you know, geometric styles are huge today. And polygonal graphics/clip art piggy-back on this trend. This is precisely why I’m directing your attention here this week.

In particular, my best-selling polygonal niche designs have focused on:

  • Polygonal trees
  • Polygonal flowers
  • Polygonal hearts
  • Polygonal unicorns
  • Polygonal animals
  • Polygonal music imagery
  • Polygonal foods
  • Polygonal religious symbols
  • Polygonal earth
  • Polygonal fish

Many of these niches are represented in this new polygonal graphics bundle made by Adam Guballa at Tshirtfella.

In truth, I haven’t personally scratched the surface of the overall potential of polygonal designs across a wider range of niche graphics. But I’m off to a good start and hope these polygonal graphics will help you get off to a good start too!

To download the free bundle, click here: https://gumroad.com/l/zPuSH/polygonalfreebie