Research. It’s a road traveled by everyone in print-on-demand.

But when creators take the same path, the destination brings the same ideas, the same designs, and the same disappointing results.

Isn’t it time to take Merch research in a new direction?

To get your business where it needs to go, Merch Momentum is launching “Research Roadmap.”

Putting you in the driver’s seat, every week’s spotlight niche is dissected into three crucial parts: target audiences, suggested visuals, and messaging themes. From there, you can take these segmented leads in any number of directions.

This new weekly research asset lets you combine paths until your goal of creating a unique, compelling niche tshirt for the right audience is reached.

If the software, websites or other resources you’re depending on merely provide you with one-word niche leads and no supporting and abundant research guidance, it’s a safe bet that your creativity, productivity, and sales capability in key niches could be headed for a dead end.

Merch Momentum’s “Research Roadmap” is NOT a new service to pay for. It’s the latest feature added TODAY to the weekly Merch Momentum Monday Strategy Guide, our flagship research resource that continues to evolve with the changes and challenges emerging in today’s print on demand market. After all these years, the weekly strategy guide STILL retains a 4.9 out of 5 star average review by registered Gumroad subscribers.

In addition to the wide assortment of content leads and original supporting graphics that come with every issue, from now on, the weekly guide will also come with the new niche roadmap. I personally handpick every week’s spotlight niche and come up with dozens of combined possibilities for ways to conceptualize and create your design for a pinpointed target audience of your choosing.

There are many roads to success on Merch By Amazon. But only those paved with quality, thoughtful research can get you thinking creatively. I’m confident that Merch Momentum’s “Research Roadmap” will help your Merch business find the right way to go.