I’m going to share with you what has been among my most profitable design hacks for Halloween. It’s a tactic that has left me well positioned to benefit just as much, if not more, this Halloween.

Jack o’lanterns are a staple of the Halloween design landscape with which few other symbols of the season can compete. Regretfully, most jack o’lantern tees on Amazon are wholeheartedly unoriginal and creatively fall flat. Other than happy faces and scary faces, there are very few pumpkin carving designs on Amazon that stray from the conventional graphics/vector bundles that are peddled incessantly this time of year.

A few years ago, I began experimenting with an approach by where I would take niche graphic silhouettes and set these images against pumpkins to create a visual that the silhouette is carved into the pumpkin. Consider the example of a hot air balloon set against a pumpkin graphic. The appearance is that of a hot air balloon pumpkin carving (since hot air balloon rides and fall festivals go hand-in-hand, this idea was a no-brainer, even though Halloween-themed hot air balloon tees are hard to find in POD). I subsequently came up with a simple phrase and created this example of a jack o’lantern silhouette design in less than five minutes.

Any silhouette in a bankable niche should be slapped on a pumpkin this time of year (yet few Merchers are actually doing it!).

If you need inspiration, Pinterest is jam packed with images of artistically carved pumpkins that usually pertain to easily identifiable niches. Those who tap into these niches with silhouette-focused pumpkin carving designs will find that their tshirts instantly stand out against a massive backdrop of homogenous Halloween pumpkin carvings.

Best of all, this design approach is perhaps the easiest you’re going to find in the entire Halloween genre right now.