Duet videos are extremely popular across social media today but especially on TikTok.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the team at Fanbytes explains it this way: “TikTok Duets basically allow users to create content featuring an initial video, with both videos appearing side by side on screen in a square format.

This means that people can effectively reply to video content with their own videos – which then can be shared publicly. When this is done well it can lead to some incredible results, such as Duet Chains and viral trends which take over the whole platform. You can make a duet with any TikTok from a brand, influencer, friend or even yourself.”

Billions of views, likes, and shares have been directed at duet videos, which tend to perform best when they are funny, feature unique pairs, or fuse total opposite or natural matches together.

Merchers have overlooked this opportunity, especially with regard to popular niches and themes that could easily be leveraged to fit the duet motif. For instance, you could create or task your designer with creating:

  • Macaroni singing with cheese
  • An angel emoticon singing across from a devil emoticon
  • Peanut butter singing with jelly

You get the idea? Duet designs could also be as simple as a tshirt or product message that emphasizes how one is always doing duets, can’t get any work or studying done because there’s too many duets to do, or simple duet puns.

The bottom line? Audiences are obsessed with duets and any designs we can offer to this passionate and under-served audience would likely be worth making.