If you’re looking for a quirky design concept that’s gaining steam in popularity (again) and is as scalable as it is appealing to the masses, here is a suggestion you might wish to explore.

Did you know that there are nearly 3 billion fortune cookies made every year around the world? Here’s the kicker: most of them are distributed and consumed in the United States.

Americans LOVE fortune cookies. And they gobble them up by the billions. Yet most Merchers overlook the fortune cookie motif when making everything from tshirts and totes to PopSockets and throw pillows.

For years, I’ve tinkered with and researched fortune cookie designs in the POD space. And, quite frankly, I’m surprised by how many weird messages on a fortune paper template have translated to sales.

This idea is a conceptual gem because of how malleable the general idea truly is. With a design no more complicated than depicting a cracked cookie and an exposed small piece of paper, you can pair practically any fortune-ish message with said image.

Some niche-centric fortune cookie message examples might include (not checked for compliance):

  • When an opportunity to marry a firefighter presents itself, take it!
  • Never take advice from anyone but a Gemini.
  • You deserve a long weekend of golfing

There is practically no end to the number of niches that can be leveraged within this design construct. And given the popularity of fortune cookies yet the scarcity of POD products in the fortune cookie niche, there’s a good chance you can stand out and hopefully score some sales if you travel down this path.

If you need help thinking along the lines of a fortune cookie writer, here’s a helpful website to kick-start your inspired creations to come: https://kitchenauthority.net/fortune-cookie-sayings/