It’s no secret that the mushroom niche is a massive money-maker in print on demand.

But the mushroom aesthetic isn’t just about pretty visuals. It’s about cold hard cash.

What you might not know is that an estimated 50 million people hunt for morel mushrooms. And profit is driving this activity. According to data from Money, Inc: “In some markets around the world, dried Morels have sold for as much as $254 per pound.”

What does this mean for tshirt makers and print on demand professionals? It’s time to start making morel mushroom product designs about:

• How much money is in mushroom hunting
• Mushroom hunting is like treasure hunting
• Financial facts about foraging and fungi
• The value of morel mushrooms
• Entrepreneurs want mushrooms
• Mushrooms vs Bitcoin humor

The link between money and mushrooms is clear. But equally clear is the missed opportunity to acknowledge this reality in our print on demand designs.