Tax season is right around the corner in the U.S. — a time of year that most people don’t enjoy and actually dread.

But not everyone hates Tax Day in April. Some love tax season because of the business it brings. I’m referring, of course, to financial professionals like accountants.

The accountant / actuary niche is approaching its “prime time” period on the POD calendar. Over the next few months, you’ll see lots of designs sell that are all about taxes, numbers, or anything related to money management.

This year, there will be more attention than ever on one aspect of accounting that millions of Americans will need help with. I’m talking about cryptocurrency.

According to Pew Research: “Roughly three-in-ten Americans ages 18 to 29 (31%) say they have ever invested in, traded or used a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ether, compared with smaller shares of adults in older age groups.”

Millions of Americans are about to file their first ever tax return that will need to account for crypto-related financial gains or losses. It’s not the easiest thing for average folks to figure out on their own. As a result, accountants will be busier than ever because of Bitcoin.

Marketing industry professionals predict that accountants are going to be tripping over themselves to market their services to Bitcoin / cryptocurrency traders and investors. This is an aspect of the accounting and cryptocurrency niches that print-on-demand creators and Merch By Amazon sellers have almost totally ignored.

In my opinion, significant opportunity exists today for creators of accountant / actuary designs that focus on or emphasize:

  • The wearer’s knowledge of cryptocurrency accounting
  • Quotes about Bitcoin and taxes
  • Cryptocurrency gains quotes and quips
  • Cryptocurrency losses quotes and quips
  • The wearer’s ability to help crypto traders navigate tax season

Just as any profession — from plumbers to pilots — wear tshirts that tout their prowess, accountants who specialize in crypto (or at least know enough about it to handle tax returns pertinent to crypto) will likely appreciate this fresh take on a very old niche.

We know accounting is a big niche. We also know that cryptocurrencies represent a far bigger niche. Put them together and what do we have? An opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored.