While tshirts for couples will rule the Valentine’s Day apparel market, don’t underestimate the sales potential of Valentine’s Day designs for individuals who are single or divorced. Interestingly, I’ve found that people who aren’t in a relationship may be more inclined to buy a humorous Valentine’s Day tshirt than people who are.

What does this mean for you? It means there are potential sales opportunities for Valentine’s Day tshirts that:

  • Tout pride in being single / divorced
  • Feature messaging for single moms/dads
  • Playfully tease married people
  • Take jabs at ex partners
  • Announce a funny committed relationship (“My Valentine is My Motorcycle” or “I’m in a Committed Relationship with Keto Coffee”)
  • Celebrate independence and self-reliance
  • Call attention to hobbies/activities that are better than a partner

“It’s just a day,” Clinical psychologist Dr. Rebekah Montgomery once told Cosmopolitan.com, speaking to singles ahead of Valentine’s Day. “It’s just a commercialized holiday—engage in some extra self-care and TLC to make it through the 24 hours.”

Humorous tshirts about being single on Valentine’s Day can be helpful and even cathartic for plenty of singles who are comfortable with and eager to publicly embrace the glories of being unattached on February 14th.