Cryptocurrencies are among the hottest niches in POD today.

As the price of Bitcoin has surged exponentially in recent years, more investors and ordinary folks than ever are paying attention to the crypto space and investing what they can in hopes of seeing continued gains.

Cryptocurrencies have become such a mainstream phenomenon that everything from crypto-focused artwork to socks are selling at a fast clip.

A hot commodity in the crypto art niche is the whale.

Whales — yes, those warm-blooded massive mammals of the sea — are extremely popular staples of POD designs. In the crypto world, a “whale” is an investor or wannabe investor with a large holding of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Becoming a so-called Bitcoin or crypto “whale” is a high aspiration of many folks today — from veteran Wall Street investors to single parents looking for the investment of a lifetime.

Whale designs for the crypto niche are hot and getting hotter.

Whether you design tshirts, coffee mugs, wall art, PopSockets or just about anything else, it’s a good opportunity to make whale crypto art, as more and more home-based investors / day traders are consumed by the crypto market and flock to these types of images.

Although we can’t use the names and logos of most cryptocurrencies in our designs, you can certainly make generic whale money / coin designs targeted toward wannabe whales.