According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fewer than 10% of truckers are women.

But when you consider that there are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the USA (per the estimates by the American Trucking Association), Merchers shouldn’t be looking past the hundreds of thousands of women who have or once did haul freight in big trucks from coast to coast.

And with the number of female truckers on the rise and projected to grow further, this is an audience that shouldn’t be ignored.

Women truckers tend to be very proud. And they all know how rare females are in this field. What’s more, the ladies who operate these tankers and big rigs are inclined to wear tshirts and other apparel items about their unique careers. Especially strong in this niche are messaging themes that emphasis:

• Pride in being a trucker
• Being tough
• Awareness of women’s role in transportation industry
• Promoting women/opportunities in trucking
• Trucker humor for women or about men

Tshirts about trucking are very easy to find. Tshirts about the tough-as-nails ladies who are re-defining an industry? Not so easy to find. This is a worthy opportunity to pursue and the timing couldn’t be better. After all, late summer and early fall are the busiest months of the year for trucking and freight hauling.