The Following is a Contributed Post By Hillary Dunks of Dunks Design

Color palettes are fun to work with in a design, but since there are limitless color combos, it can be a bit overwhelming to know how to pair them with a blank t-shirt color. It can be tempting to just use black or white ink and not have to deal with researching colors that complement each other. To keep things simple and not so time consuming, we will explore some great color combo options for some of the blank shirt colors that Merch By Amazon offers. Hopefully this post gives you some ideas on how to work color into your design to complement the blank shirt fabric options.

Neutral Colors (Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Heather Grey): These colors are usually top sellers because they work well with all graphics and colors. They are also great for all ages and genders. Pretty much any color palette you choose will go great with these blank fabric colors. Just make sure that your design is legible and the ink is easy to see. For example, if your design has black in it you should not print on a dark grey shirt because the design will be hard to see. Unless of course that is the specific look you are going for, but usually this is not recommended. If you have a fun, bright color palette in your design I would recommend using one of these blank shirt colors because it will help the design pop and look really clean on a neutral colored shirt.

While neutral colors are always a safe bet, perhaps your design works better with something more bold and unique. Below are some of the current Merch By Amazon T-shirt color offerings with some color palette ideas to work with so you can take your design to the next level and stand out against the rest!

Potential Merch By Amazon T-shirt Color Pairings

Sky Blue – Bright & pastel colors

Maroon – Bold, bright and warmer colors

Dark Green – Bright, lighter colors

Light Green – A mix of dark and light colors

Yellow – Bold, darker colors

Navy – Bold and bright

Olive – Earthy, bright colors

Orange – Bold contrasting colors

Light Pink – A mix of bright and bold

Purple – A mix of bold and light

Red – Bold contrasting colors

Royal Blue – A mix of bold and light