I’ve always been amused by absurdly short stories — bedtime stories or otherwise.

In fact, I’ve scored many laughs from my kids at bedtime with my famously silly bedtime stories, which often go something to the effect of: “Once upon a time I told my kids to go to bed. The end.” or “Once upon a time I ate all the Halloween candy. The end.”

As it turns out, “once upon a time” style designs have strong consumer appeal. But most niches haven’t been tackled using this messaging motif, which is ideal for sleep tshirts or lounging tees.

So what kind of niche messaging potential exists? Here are some examples (not checked for compliance):

  • Once Upon a Time, Mommy Drank All The Wine. The End.
  • Once Upon a Time, I Enjoyed Monday. The End. This Story Was Pure Fantasy.
  • Once Upon a Time I Married a Teacher and We Lived Happily Ever After.

From professions and hobbies, to foods and couples, there’s a short, funny, or absurd story waiting to be told on a tshirt. I recommend telling as many as you can think of.