With millions of people abandoning the gym to work out from home during the last two years of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise that sales of some fitness equipment and athletic apparel remain strong.

Many tshirt makers, for example, have seen the biggest surge in the women’s combat sports niche.

Specifically, there appears to be a big increase in interest for apparel and products geared toward women who are involved in boxing, mixed martial arts, martial arts, and kickboxing.

Countless POD professionals and eCommerce creators attest that the designs that are selling best for women are designs that emphasize:

  • The striking / hitting power of women
  • The ferocity of women in the gym / ring
  • The mental strength of women in combat sports
  • How women are taking over sports once dominated by men
  • The changing dynamics of fight sports and the rise of women

Oh, and don’t be overly girlie in your artwork. Tshirt designers who think women boxers, for example, only want apparel that features pink kawaii characters wearing cute boxing gloves aren’t going to be thrilled with their sales.

Women in combat sports want to be taken seriously. So designers have to take this desire seriously and inject a hefty dose of power, boldness and gravitas into their messaging and visuals.

So if your catalog is lacking designs in combat sports, be sure to make female wearers central to your designs, messaging, listing language and product targeting.