Have you noticed that opinions about everything from politics to music preferences are getting stronger?

It’s pretty obvious.

I just wonder why so many tshirts expressing view points these days are sounding weaker?

Consumers are soundly rejecting opinion tshirts that come across as mild mannered or muted in their messaging passion.

In the opinionated climate of our modern world, niche tshirt buyers are increasingly more inclined to bypass any tshirt lacking an in-your-face message.

For example, an opinionated person who loves coffee might not buy a design that simply reads: “Coffee is Cool.” Nope. He wants a design that reads: “Coffee is Heaven. Tea Drinkers Can Go To Hell. Wait, They’re Already There.”

In this brand of forceful messaging, it isn’t enough to simply state a like or preference. There must be causalities — competing niches, competing interests, or competing emotions.

Many tshirt designers have a great knack for picking awesome and highly opportune niches. But their messaging tone and delivery are weak.

Today, when it comes to niche designs that state a message of preference, the stronger the opinion is, the better it will probably sell.